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Most people referred to us are having problems acquiring a mortgage. Our program is based on getting you mortgage ready. It is not only a credit score that qualifies you but meeting the guidelines as well.

Credit Disputes
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Two Options


Credit Report Dispute


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Planner Program


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We take your report; analysis it and submit an investigation on negative information reporting on your credit.


We structure each client individually in our system taking all of your data and loan needs and design a plan needed to get you were you may qualify. Includes Disputing.


Your account is still active! Just login and you have access to the new platform. Need your report investigated again? Upload it and let us know when you have uploaded it and we will submit the investigation.

Planner Program will help you meet and understand guidelines

- Pat Thomas

We have designed an interactive online system with WorkShops/Videos, Milestones, File Vaults, Goal Plans and Tasks that are tools needed to guide Planner Clients through the process of qualifying as well as placement and underwriting.

Planner is a total program to get you and your credit where you meet qualifying guidelines. This is an extensive program that takes your involvement!

Text Request Account

You request an account

We send you a login and password to our system with workshops, videos and interactive features.


You upload your credit report

We analyze your credit report define what can and needs to be done to get you mortgage ready.


We structure your Plan

Tasks are define in easy to follow steps. Goal Plans are structured with Milestones and Suggestions.

The best way is to develope and follow a plan.

Start with your goals in mind and then work through the workshops and develop the plan and stratagy in addition to the dispute.

A totally new way to qualify for a Mortgage!

The best way is to develope and follow a plan. Start with your goals in mind and then structure and develope the plan using the system features. Then tune in to watch and join LIVE.

Credit Report and Dispute Resources